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  • Have you made important health changes in your own life, and now want to help other people do the same?
  • Do you find yourself gravitating towards health and wellness websites and clean living blogs?
  • Do you have a passion for wanting to help other people find a better way than the Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease that is the fate of the SAD diet, but not sure if you have the level of expertise you need?
  • Are you ALREADY in the Health and Wellness field and you want bigger breakthroughs for your clients, or to increase your income doing so?
  • Do you want to have CLARITY amongst all the confusing information out there on diet, health and wellness?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above,
You Are Definitely In The Right Place!

There is a huge demand for Health Coaches who can educate and support people to create sustainable lifestyle changes.

As an HMI Certified Holistic Health Coach, you are fully prepared to become a mentor who helps clients achieve their health and wellness goals through educating and supporting them in all ares of wellness including: weight loss, detoxification, juice cleansing, acne, hormone and adrenal issues, autoimmune conditions, gut and digestive issues, transitioning to plant based or raw diets, supplementation, herbs and essential oils, and so much more.

As an HMI Holistic Health Coach you will have the very unique ability to address all facets of health that go beyond just the diet including exercise, career and emotional/spiritual wellbeing. Holistic Health Coaches truly help people become happier and more fulfilled in all areas of their lives.


Enjoy an incredibly flexible career by building your own practice, creating a health and wellness blog that is backed up by real research, consulting with corporations to develop wellness plans, co-creating a wellness practice with massage therapists, spas, gyms, yoga studios and wellness centers, or even create your own food-based company.

Truly, the sky is the limit! Or simply have the MOST POWERFUL tools at your disposal for a lifetime of incredible health and wellness for yourself and your loved ones.

Join us at HMI in changing the world one person at a time!

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