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This course discusses the health and wellness industry, which is projected by economic analysts to be a TRILLION dollar industry by the year 2017. This course focuses on the need for health coaches, as we are in a true global health crisis. Health coaching is defined as a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavioral change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action. Health coaching draws on the principles of positive psychology and the practices of motivational interviewing and goal setting. We review all aspects of being a coach in the 21st century health and wellness industry, and introduce the student to the many exciting opportunitites that await them.


This course discusses the overall understanding of the liver and its role in detoxification. Phase I and Phase 2  of liver detoxification are covered in detail, including in-depth understanding of the biochemical processes involved in detox. Also covered in this course is the importance of why proactive detoxification is important to health, the interplay of antioxidants and free radicals, the consequences for people with potentially under-active  or over-active detoxification pathways, and some of the most important nutrients for liver health.


In this course we study in depth the physiology, function, and nutrient requirements of the liver. Environmental toxins and their impact on health status are discussed.  Students learn holistic, systemic cleansing and detoxification support options such as specific dietary and herbal protocols, juicing, fasting, hydrotherapy, and the use of saunas.


This course discusses the specific organs, glands, chemical messengers, and digestive secretions involved in the process of digestion, absorption, and metabolism. Students will learn about everything from the mouth to the large intestine, learning the intricate mechanics involved in converting food to energy. Specific food, herbs, lifestyle factors, and supplements that enhance digestion and utilization of food are presented. Common health conditions related to poor function of the digestive system are reviewed. The application of holistic nutritional tools are introduced and practiced.


This course reviews the digestive system, consisting of organs and glands associated with ingestion, digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, and the elimination of solid wastes from the body. An overview of digestive and intestinal health and the challenges associated with proper digestion, absorption, and elimination required to gain optimal nutritional benefits from foods is presented. Gastrointestinal dysfunction and etiology caused by the disruption of these processes, as well as various assessments and laboratory procedures for evaluation of digestive dysfunction are reviewed. Health supporting nutritional protocols for several gastrointestinal conditions are discussed.


The concept of Plant Based Whole Foods is central to HMI's program of studies. The Macronutrients Course explores the value and necessity of quality whole food and its relationship to health and wellness. Current research demonstrating the health risks of the Standard American Diet (SAD) is presented. The focus is on the research based benefits of fresh, whole, plant-based foods, and a chemical-free, transitional diet as well as lifestyle improvements options.  We cover specifically, the biochemical nature and classification for each macronutrient. Students learn how to work with the macronutrients to help their clients achieve health goals. This first part introduces the students to essential fatty acids, and their importance in overall health -- particularly brain health.


In part two of the Macronutrient course, the student is introduced to proteins and carbohydrates. Specific attention is paid to the ever increasing diseases of overconsumption of proteins, and how a diet higher in healthy complex carbohydrates provides the most sustainable diet for long term health. Questions of where and how plant based diets provide protein are answered, as well as an in-depth study of amino acids. We also focus on the social aspects of the push for high protein diets, and the impact that has had on the health of Western society.


This course covers the scientific aspects of essential oil therapy, covering the three methods of use for oils: inhalation, topical use, and ingestion all of which have their place in aromatherapy. Specific methods are covered in depth, and the student gains a working knowledge of the role that essential oils can play in wellness.

HC 9-10-11 Micronutrients

The Micronutrients  course, modules 9, 10, and 11, presents the nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and their fundamental impact on growth, metabolism, cellular integrity, and repair. Food sources of these essential regulators are identified. How they are metabolized, absorbed, transported, and stored in the body is discussed. Students learn each nutrient's function, mechanism of action, and the intricate interaction with other nutrients. Deficiency and excess nutrient symptomology is explored. Dietary reference intakes and Recommended Dietary Allowances vs. Optimal Daily Recommendations are discussed. Nutrient supplementation is reviewed, including the impact of the product quality. Superior over-the-counter brands are presented and students are introduced to worthy companies selling professional product lines.


This course provides information on the growing epidemic of adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, and how nutrition can be used to support adrenal health. Adrenal information and misinformation – ie, facts versus fiction are discussed. Tools and information to help students prioritize  endocrine health: major and minor hormones, and how to effectively manage the effects of stress on adrenals.


This course explores the endocrine system's glands that act to regulate many of the body's physiological processes, the hormones and secretions they produce, and their impact on health. Disease conditions resulting from or associated with endocrine dysfunction are discussed. This course emphasizes blood sugar regulation, stress and its effects on the endocrine system, stress management, diet, and nutrient support for healthy glandular function. Specific protocols which contribute to good health are developed.

HC 14-15-16 Nutrition Through The Life Stages

This course focuses on the nutrient requirements for sustained good health in each stage of human growth and development. The most common health conditions associated with each life stage are discussed. Nutritional tools used to assess health status and specific protocols to support health recovery and maintenance are introduced. Students review case studies and assessments. An opportunity to practice the intake, planning, and educational phases of nutritional consultation is provided. Students develop an individualized, nutritional healing protocol.


As we explore the musculoskeletal system in this course, students learn the importance of, and how to maintain a strong and fit structural body composed of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Diet and exercise strategies for various metabolic needs and activity levels are introduced. Health issues such as weight imbalance, injury, chronic pain, the inflammatory cascade, arthritis, osteoporosis, and sports nutrition are discussed. A number of complimentary healing modalities are presented as part of a supportive wellness protocol for individuals seeking to maintain or reclaim health of the musculoskeletal system.


Using herbs in your life may be the key to vibrant health and wellbeing. With so many herbs to choose from, the subject can be overwhelming without professional assistance. Herbs for Everyday Living gives an introduction to Western herbal medicine and naturopathic traditions, to gain a better understanding of the most common and exciting everyday herbs to use as medicines, teas, tinctures and as foods. This course gives you this knowledge to make herbs accessible and uncomplicated for all.


Superfoods have the potential to improve our lives by energizing and empoewring us to live life to the full. We dream of living in a world full of energised and empowered people, living and creating to their full potential. This course takes the student on a journey into some of the most incredible plant foods our planet has to offer us. Students will learn about some of the most popular superfoods, as well as some lesser known but powerful superfoods, and how to use them as part of an overall nutrition plan.  This course helpps the student navigate through a sometimes confusing world of super healthy foods, and provides detailed information about foods like Cacao (chocolate),  Cordyceps, Maca, and Tocotrienols.

HC 20 – Living and Raw Foods

In this course, students learn the fundamentals of a raw and living foods diet, including a focus on the various enzymes of the body, and their role in digestion of food. Students will also learn raw food fundamentals in order to create a wide variety of delicious, easy-to-prepare raw recipes including juices, smoothies, dehydrating, marinating, and much more. Students will also learn about the fundamentals of setting up the supplies for a raw kitchen.

HC 21-22-23 Abundance and Prosperity Masterclass

This three part series in abundance and prosperity prepares the student to receive the business training modules that follow. The best business training in the world is of no use without the proper application of the 12 Universal laws of Abundance. Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction, but in the three part Abundance and Prosperity Masterclass, students will learn an additional 11 Laws such as the Law of Increase, which will help students tap into higher consciousness and pinpoint accurate answers for pressing questions. This course also provides practical exercises and meditations that will remove energetic blockages to abundance. Students will explore how thoughts affect the energetic body and how to increase their frequency in order to attract and manifest a more abundant life. The course will go into depth about how the flow of money is open to you once you recalibrate your energy and thoughts away from negative vibrations like fear and judgment around money.


Students synthesize what they have learned about food, environment, menu planning, essential oils, herbs, healing protocols, anatomy and physiology, and coaching to support health and wellness, and prepare to go into business. Detailed instruction is presented to support the student in growing a successful business. Organization, networking, marketing, planning and accounting are the focus of this course. Students are taught to work within the legal and professional scope of practice for Health and Nutrition Educators.


This course presents tools and skills needed to build relationship, understanding, and trust between practitioner and client. Students receive instruction on the art of listening, building rapport, and giving positive feedback and direction. They learn how to gather important information from, and evaluate information about a client. Specific client intake forms and questionnaires, which enable a practitioner to explore patterns contributing to an individual's current health concerns, are introduced. Counseling skills and the structure and development of a client's healing program are practiced.


This course provides an in depth exploration of the most beneficial business models. Expanding beyond the person to person and group coaching model, the material covered in this course includes internet marketing. Students will learn the various benefits of creating a food blog, health coaching services, and packages offered on the internet. Specific coaching niches will be covered in depth, including specializing in weight loss, hormones, detox and many other options. This course provides students with the business savvy to create a solid business structure while understanding the basics of internet marketing. This course also covers the changing landscape of social media.


The advanced level exercise is a required at the completion of all coursework and must be successfully passed prior to graduation.


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