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Discover how you can follow your passion, as you educate, encourage and empower others to heal their life and THRIVE – all while earning a great living on your own terms, in your own time. A career you can be happy about – with HMI Nutrition’s Holistic Health Coaching Certification Program.


Learn How to transform people's health, empower their lives, earn a great living, and share your passion with the ONLY Nutrition School Completely Dedicated to Plant Based Health Coaching.

At HMI we understand the importance of teaching you information that actually works.  That’s why our entire course program is based on 50 years of nutrition science concluding that plant based diets prevent the diseases that are responsible for almost all illness in our modern world: diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

At HMI Nutrition you will become a highly qualified plant based health coach after 8 months of devoting your studies to plant based nutrition. You will receive extensive training throughout HMI’s 26 in-depth Modules on everything from understanding liver health, detoxification, how the body processes nutrients, micronutrients and macronutrients, adrenal and hormone health, supporting the musculoskeletal system, nutrition through the life stages from birth through old age, and what the nutrition requirements are at each stage. 

With the mass confusion in the world of nutrition today people are looking for someone who has in-depth knowledge, and they get it with an HMI practitioner. Our program has graduated many students who were already Registered Dieticians, nutritionists and health coaches, who came to HMI after their prior education, seeking the level of deeper knowledge that they knew would truly enable them to change lives.


“We cannot solve our problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them.”
~ Albert Einstein



At HMI, our foundational philosophy is that we can’t change the future if we keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. Your education at HMI is based on extensive research in plant based health and wellness. We give you depth of learning so your knowledge base is extensive. You will learn much more than a multitude of “popular” fad diets that aren’t based in science.

We also empower you with mind, spirit and financial wellness education so that you can graduate ready to help people truly change their lives.  No other school teaches all of these aspects.

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At HMI, we don’t enroll thousands of students where you become just a number. We limit enrollment. 

Why does that matter? It matters because we are building a community of heart-centered, compassionate wellness warriors. We’re not in a race to see how many thousands of students we can cram through a mill.

We are genuinely focused on teaching you what you need to know to be effective in your practice. Not just on paper.



At HMI we empower you with cutting edge marketing and business tools that no other school offers.

Forget vague ideas about the various ways to start a career in health coaching.

We empower you with marketing and business training and tools, critical sales and marketing knowledge, and implementation systems that include programs and products.


Imagine if you could achieve a life of true prosperity, enjoying a vitally alive, healthy body through which you experience relationships that are satisfying and intimate, honest, and nurturing; work you love so much that it’s not work-it’s play; and financial abundance. 

Living at this exceptional level is not only possible–it’s right there for you with the Three Pillars of HMI’s philosophy.


Give The Body What It Needs. Every body needs the nutrients from food in order for the cells and systems to function well. Many of us are nutrient starved even though we take in plenty of calories. The most nutrient dense foods are whole, fresh, organic and plant based. Our profound disatisfaction with our bodies, our energy levels and our health is directly related to the devitalized nature of what we are feeding ourselves. The unique and in-depth curriculum at HMI shows you step-by-step how to implement evidence based nutrition into your own life, and how to create lasting change in your clients so you'll be in high demand

Set Your Emotions Free. When emotions that we have not dealt with rise to the surface, we often eat to suppress them. Then, when we eat food that doesn’t fit into our beliefs about what’s healthy or allowed on our current diet we feel guilt and frustration. We're controlled by so many emotions around food that it’s no wonder that we can’t hear what our body and intuition are telling us. In order for Deep Healing to occur, we need to create an environment in our lives where all emotions are welcomed and integrated, so that they are no longer interfering with our ability to access clarity and intuition. HMI has a unique approach to helping you free your emotions, so you can in turn, help your clients to the same. A vibrant and passionate life is the goal!

Having Financial Independence And Security Is A key Part In Living Your Best Life. When people are struggling to pay their  bills, or not ever truly having the freedom to do the things they want to do most, it can create stress, strained relationships, and sadness. In reality, most people have never taken the time to really examine what wealth or true prosperity really looks like for them. Our specially designed Business Training Modules provide you with world class business knowledge and tools, gained from decades of experience in successful business creation and operation.

The Wellness Industry is the
Fastest Growing Industry On The Planet

Did you know that Wellness is now a $3.4 Trillion Global Industry? And that industry analysts predict even more growth ahead?

“Prevention-challenged traditional healthcare systems, and an obesity and chronic disease crisis, are simply costing people and governments too much. So, it’s a very good bet that the double-digit annual growth rates across these wellness sectors we’ve tracked these last few years should continue, as more people proactively change the way they eat, exercise, travel, work and live.”~ Ophelia Yeung, senior consultant, Center for Science, Technology & Economic Development

So with the market being the fastest growing industry on the planet, why are so many health coaches, wellness practitioners, and people in the healing arts struggling financially? Why are they unable to turn their gifts into financial freedom and abundance?

There are many reasons for this and after interviewing a wide variety of wellness coaches, Liana came to understand that they have never been given proper business training. Most had received a little knowledge about “business”, but were never given the tools to implement a fully functioning business plan — one that could enable financial abundance whether as a home-based business, internet business, or face to face client based business.

But it’s not just business training.

HMI’s Holistic Health Coach Program
Teaches You How to Remove Limiting Beliefs and
Release Energetic Blocks to Abundance and Prosperity

Even with the best business training in the world, limiting financial beliefs, energetic blocks to abundance, and a misunderstanding of the use of money as energy will stall even the best of plans.

We all know many people with great ideas, great talents and gifts, and business knowledge. Yet, they struggle to gain a level of financial security that they desire. All of the education in the world will not be of any use if you are blocking your roads to abundance and prosperity. 

HMI’s cutting-edge curriculum teaches you the core principles of abundance and prosperity to live your most authentic life. In order to truly live the life you want, travel when you want, spend your days doing something you are passionate about, you need to work with the natural universal laws of abundance and prosperity.

Can you imagine the peace and beauty in your life
when you are living your passion and purpose, and thriving at it?
Our students can!

Health Mastery Institute’s Nutrition Program:
An Incredible School For Incredible People Like You!


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